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Q: What is "911"? When should I call "911"?
A: All emergencies are reported through the county´s "911" system. Make all other reports, such as crimes, at the municipal or county police departments for investigation. When calling "911," your call is answered by a trained telecommunicator assigned to gather your information, initiate an appropriate response, and provide instructions on how you can help before the ambulance arrives. In Georgetown County, you will receive an ambulance with an EMT/Paramedic and EMT. In those cases where additional manpower is required, the fire department may "first respond" and provide care.



Q: What are the requirements concerning hurricane evacuation?
A: When the Governor orders an evacuation, it is required that everyone in the designated area leave. Learn more about evacuation and evacuation zones here.

Q: Where should I go during an evacuation?
A: Each individual and family in the evacuation zone should decide the best place to move to in the event of an evacuation. Several local Red Cross shelters also provide emergency shelter.

Q: What are the procedures following a hurricane and/or disaster?
A: First, a damage assessment team assesses the damage of the affected and evacuated
area. This team consists mainly of public safety personnel. Next, if only minor damage specifically to utilities such as power, water and sewer, and roadways, county officials make the decision for the time of re-entry. If major damage occurred to buildings, utilities or roadways, the county provides property owners a time to visit and survey the damage of their property. To gain access to their property, owners must have a copy of the property title, or a tax receipt, or utility bill bearing the address of the property, and picture identification. A driver’s license showing a physical address is acceptable. Once utility companies restore damages and it is safe for entry, county officials notify property owners that may return to their property.

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